IIT Bombay

Low-Cost Devices Project





- Prof. Phatak
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay


For the computational power and storage that this laptop offers, its affordable price is a pleasant surprise. Its real strength is its expandable array of useful applications and content, packed on the open source Ubuntu by Prof. Kannan's team. Indeed, it is this combination that provides a potent device to drive the national agenda for digital inclusion.



- Prof. Varsha Apte
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Head, Computer Center, IIT Bombay


The laptop offers a completely usable and affordable personal computing solution to anybody who wants to take advantage of the vast educational content on the Internet. It feels sturdy and is comfortable to type on, yet light enough to carry in a bag of books. It runs browser applications which will be the window to educational content, on WiFi, with good performance. Screen and sound quality is also perfectly acceptable for listening to video lectures. The laptop has the potential for giving a level playing field to those bright students of our country who cannot afford expensive laptops of their own.



- Prof. S. Sudarshan
Former Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay


This laptop is a clone of the MacBook Air 11 inch, which I've used for many years till earlier this year. I can say that the build quality of the laptop (at first look at least) compares reasonably with the much more expensive MacBook; and the quality per unit price is excellent. The keyboard felt good, sound was clear and reasonably loud, and the screen quality was good. I tried out several programs on Ubuntu, including browsers and Eclipse. Performance was very good. The fact that the system runs off Flash makes it much more responsive than the one running off hard disk. This laptop would be perfect for general purpose use. For hard core programming, I'd love to see a 14 inch version with a higher resolution screen (at least equal to the 13 inch MacBook Air). Expandability of storage to 128GB via MicroSD is quite adequate for all educational purposes (this is what my MacBook Air had, and I never managed to fill it), although people may want more space for videos and such.



- Prof. Madhu Belur
Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay


It is great to have a fully functional laptop, with high quality sound/video and high RAM (4GB), all for just Rs. 10k. This should make learning very affordable and I am excited that this has been possible thanks to efforts at IIT Bombay. Both, students and professionals including me, will surely make good use of this great quality and economical device.



- Prof. Sachin B. Patkar
Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay


I congratulate you and your collaborators for realizing a prototype of a very affordable (low-cost) laptop, with a price-tag of just about Rs. 10,000 that promises to offer an extremely capable and versatile platform combining the open source OS (Linux-Ubuntu), Scientific and Engineering software tools (simulation, modeling, computing, programming, scripting, internet, office productivity, educational tools, audio-video support etc.) running on a Quad-core Intel CPU with comfortable 4 GB RAM and large enough NAND-FLASH and/or a suitably big hard-disk. The design and look & feel is sleek enough so as to avoid any conspicuous feeling of using a low-cost device. Most importantly, with the proposed price tag of close to Rs. 10,000 it could as well become a mandatory laptop in engineering and science education. The whole set of students could be expected to have a uniform computing environment. That could be a game-changer for computer-assisted teaching in regular classrooms. The powerful battery and a very slim and light-weight design makes it feasible for students to carry it around, use it anywhere. Promises to be a great enabler for financially less privileged, and would help create a level playing field indeed.



- Prof. C. Subramaniam
Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay


After extensively testing/using the sleek laptop, I am extremely happy with both its performance and appearance. It is light-weight yet powerful with a long battery backup - critical aspects which determines its extended usability in an academic environment. The processor is extremely good and can be used to run programs and third-party software without a hitch. I could run multiple programs simultaneously without breaking into a sweat or any perceivable heating. The new design is sleek and comparable to any of the top-end models available in the market. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the performance and utility of the laptop and perceive it as an immense enabler for students, both in terms of academic and extra-curricular activities.


*Disclaimer: These are the individual opinions of the faculty and not that of IIT Bombay.